Our partners count on us for technical capability. Across every technology and around the world, DuPont Teijin Films is the undisputed leader in polyester films.

But our knowledge goes beyond science. We understand our customers’ markets. And with R&D centers worldwide, we offer the kind of global reach our customers expect and today’s marketplace demands. Whether your business is construction, photovoltaics, electronics, health care, packaging or virtually any other industry, we speak your language.

The DuPont Teijin Films Difference

  • Regulatory compliance in the United States, Canada, the European Union and certain other jurisdictions
  • Chemistry formulation expertise to provide customized sealant performance
  • Broad portfolio of sealant and sealant/barrier products
  • Customer responsiveness
  • Supply commitment
  • Unique ability to offer a total solution: print, perforation and lamination

Expertise, Experts, SkillExperience

If 50 years in the polyester film business has taught us anything, it’s that real innovation can’t happen if you don’t understand the needs of the marketplace.

Our long tenure as the leading manufacturer of high performance polyester films is the result of our collaborative relationships with our customers. We listen in order to develop innovative solutions, and in doing so, have developed an extensive portfolio of products that customers know they can trust. That portfolio includes:

Optical Effects

Our existing portfolio incorporates the full spectrum of optical effects available with polyester film. Additionally, our capabilities extend to those spectral effects that sit outside the visible light region.

New Effects from Polyester

As an integrated polymer and film producer, we have an unparalleled ability to deliver new film effects through polymer recipe control and unique additive technology.

Multi-Layer Films

Our multi-layer capability allows us to bring together a wide range of product design features to produce tailored application solutions.

Coating and Surface Effects

Today, DuPont Teijin Films offers the greatest range of film effects achieved through coatings. Our people, facilities and assets make us the most innovative manufacturer of coated polyester films.


By understanding your needs, and using state of the art equipment and expertise, we work to supply consistent, high quality productions for a wide variety of applications.

Ultra-Thin Technology

A range of assets within our global portfolio have very thin film capability, including Line 5 at Luxembourg which uses simultaneous bi-axial stretching and is the most technologically advanced polyester film line in the world.