Innovation is at the core of the DuPont Teijin Films’ value proposition. It’s what sets us apart.

When it comes to innovation, customers call us first. Our external focus gives our people the market knowledge and technical capability to generate the best ideas in order to come up with the most creative film solutions in record time for you, our customers.

Our film is used throughout the renewable energy, electronics, health care, labels, print, convenience packaging and other high-tech markets and applications. Customers come to us for new developments because they know we deliver. We find it challenging and exciting to work closely and collaboratively with our development partners to generate new products and mutual success.

For over 50 years, innovation has been the foundation of our polyester films business. Innovation is our heritage; it’s in our DNA and is the lifeblood of our company. We continue to invest in our innovation capability, including the development of people, processes and film making equipment. Call us first. Give us a challenge. Let’s work on something together that will deliver rewarding results for both of us!