Caring for the Planet begins at home…

Sustainability in Action

Films that reduce energy consumption, recycled films, and an innovative returns program are just a few of our environmental initiatives.

  • Every day, we recycle 15,000 gallons of process condensate to use as make-up water for the cooling tower
  • We have reduced the water consumption of our air emissions scrubber by over 3,100 gallons every day
  • Our Returnable Packaging Program facilitates pallet recycling that saves 8,000 trees a year
    • Avoids 20 million pounds of solid waste going to the landfill
  • Polyester film has the lowest water usage of all polymer films
  • Lidding films reduce packaging by eliminating clamshell trays
  • Convenience lidding for home use contains 30% post-consumer recycled PET
  • Mylar® films reduce packaging by eliminating trays as well as save energy and water by reducing cooking and cleanup time
  • Our films are made with post-consumer recycled materials and conserve energy when used

The returnable packaging program, Environmentally Friendly Mylar®

We offer a free recycling review to all customers.

Items to consider recycling include:

  • Pallets, end boards, tops, separator boards, core plugs, core sand, & more
  • All clear films and many coated and printed baled scrap
  • Metalized, laminated, printed, clear and coated roll scrap
  • Chunk/purge polymer, coated and clear loose film scrap