Caring for the Planet begins at home…

Sustainability in Action

Films that reduce energy consumption, recycled films, and an innovative returns program are just a few of our environmental initiatives.

  • Every day, we recycle 15,000 gallons of process condensate to use as make-up water for the cooling tower
  • We have reduced the water consumption of our air emissions scrubber by over 3,100 gallons every day
  • Our Returnable Packaging Program facilitates pallet recycling that saves 8,000 trees a year
    • Avoids 20 million pounds of solid waste going to the landfill
  • Polyester film has the lowest water usage of all polymer films
  • Lidding films reduce packaging by eliminating clamshell trays
  • Convenience lidding for home use contains 30% post-consumer recycled PET
  • Mylar® films reduce packaging by eliminating trays as well as save energy and water by reducing cooking and cleanup time
  • Our films are made with post-consumer recycled materials and conserve energy when used

The Returnable Packaging Program offers to our customers the opportunity to recycle pallets, end boards, tops, separator boards, core plugs and more.

Please contact us for a free recycling review.