The world’s first Ovenable Skin Film

Mylar®Skin aimed at providing all the benefits of Mylar ovenable films in a ‘Skin-like’ format. DuPont Teijin Films has developed a revolutionary packaging solution.


Skin, Vacuum PackagingBased on leading science and proprietary technology DuPont Teijin Films has combined the high temperature properties of polyester film with the ‘skin-like’ behavior. While inherently stiffer than polyoelfine non-ovenable skin films, Mylar®Skin has successfully been used to pack ready meals and proteins by using a tray sealing machine with a custom designed tray.

The packs can be safely oven or microwave cooked directly from the freezer or refrigerator. Through the use of a suitable doming tool Mylar®Skin can also be formed into a contour top web to pack larger products such as chickens and meats which project above the flange of the tray.

Benefits for Packers

Reduced ‘leakers’- the seal area is large and not solely reliant on the flange

Reduced process time- for in-pack pasteurization and sous vide

Benefits for Retailers

Enhanced shelf appeal– products are held in place for display greatly enhancing the on-shelf appeal and can be displayed side-on for shelf appeal

Improved presentation– products can be packed to protrude above the top of the tray flange

Reduced distribution cost– trays can be made shallower giving more packs per distribution case

Reduced shelf space requirements– shallower packs allow for more packs per unit self area

Packaging weight reduction– the reduced tray size means less weight of tray material

Benefits for Consumers

Easy to use– no handling or preparation, just put in the oven and wait. The pack domes and self vents to control the cooking environment in the tray

Improved flavor, succulence and texture– because the product is now roastable in the skin packaging, the flavors and the moisture are kept within the product

Reducing cooking times– by up to 20% in the conventional oven and 40% in the microwave

‘No touch’ cooking– consumers have no need to touch the raw product, thereby reducing the risks of contamination

No ‘off odor’ complaints– consumers often complain of ‘off odors’ when removing lids from MAP packs. With Mylar®Skin, these ‘off odors’ are transformed during the cooking process

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