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MYLAR® COOK offers Sustainability

  • Mylar® COOK eliminates need for a tray
  • Thin film reduces packaging material
  • Superior Package integrity
  • Reduces cook time + eliminates clean up = Energy Saving

MYLAR® COOK for Ultimate Convenience

  • Eliminates the need to handle raw meet
  • “No Touch” cooking experience
  • Freezer to Oven convenience
  • Reduces cook time significantly
  • Eliminates clean up

MYLAR® COOK for Superior Cook Quality

  • Can be used in microwave, conventional home oven and convection oven
  • Vacuum Packaging eliminates Freezer burn and oxidative rancidtiy
  • Wet Cook cycle provides excellent moisture retention
    • Better vitamin & mineral retention
    • Reduce salt and seasoning that needs to added to the meat (20 to 30% less)
  • Self Venting features provides a Dry Cook cycle which facilitates browning and seals flavor
  • Consistent heat transfer provides tender and more uniform texture to the meat
  • Self marinating feature allows value add creation on downgraded / tougher meats
  • Meat does not stick to the film

MYLAR® COOK is designed to run on standard roll stock thermoforming equipment.

It provides:

Cook, ChickenFast dwell times translate to increase cycle/min productivity and improved process speeds

  • Broad forming and sealing temperature range provides wider window of operability
  • Cost and energy-savings achieved through reduction in preparation, cook-time, and clean-up
  • Reduces packaging materials, including eliminating the need for a tray


Typical conditions include:

  • Forming temperature = 105oC – 180oC
  • Forming dwell time = 1.0 – 2.5 seconds
  • Sealing temperature range = 165oC – 210oC depending on venting time vs. seal aggressiveness
  • Sealing dwell time = 1.0 – 2.0 seconds


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