Mylar®Harvest Fresh Lidding and Overwrap

The Clamshell Replacement

Top Seal, Produce, Harvest FreshMYLAR® Harvest Fresh lidding positively affects the entire packaging process for our customers, making it a smart and efficient solution.

  • High-yield mono web solution offers low area cost vs. laminate structures
  • Mechanical properties provide superior machine efficiencies, such as stiffness, lay flat, ease of die cutting, and high-tear resistance for skeleton wind
  • Low seal initiation temperature increases line speed and eliminates thermal distortion intray
  • Flat Heal Seal Curves provides consistent heat seal strengths over a broad range oftemperatures
  • Excellent hot tack when packaging products mounded above tray flange

Introducing Mylar® Harvest Fresh SR Proprietary Film Technology

Shredding stops here!

Superior shred resistance with high burst strength

Flat Heat Seal Curves

  • Consistant heat seal strength over a broad range of temperatures
  • Prevents weak and open seals during distribution
  • Reduces shredding—allows clean peel every time
  • Trusted performance across all machinery

Low Seal Initiation Temperature

Short dwell time 0.5 seconds or less = improved manufacturing efficiency

Burst Strength: 10-15 in Hg

Plus all the other values you come to value in Mylar®

  • Anti-fog, optical-properties, printable
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Skeleton wind, lay flat, easy to die cut

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