MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch

MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch is an unparalleled microwave steam-cooking solution that is designed to deliver safety, convenience, sustainability and support for a nutritious lifestyle.


MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch is FDA and EU compliant, and places consumers’ safety as the top priority.

  • Safe for microwave cooking with oils, salts, and sugars
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Self-venting feature and “cool-to-the-touch” packaging for reduce risk of burns
  • Designed to provide optimal shelf life for fresh vegetables


Today’s consumers demand an easy way to season, steam, and serve fresh vegetables. With the ability to season vegetables to taste, the MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch provides convenience, as well as the option to create endless flavor profiles.

  • No preparation, washing, or cutting up of vegetables
  • No pre-cook or blanching required
  • Very short cook times: 1–3 minutes vs. 10 minutes in home steamer
  • No clean up post cooking


MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch is carefully designed to reduce environmental impact.

  • Available with 30% post-consumer recyclable materials
  • Significant packaging reduction using 1 mil film vs. thick laminate structures
  • Recyclable, 100% PET construction*

*Check with local and county authorities for information on recycling facilities in your area.


Created to support consumers’ healthy lifestyles, the MYLAR® Harvest Fresh Steam Pouch enables consumers to make more nutritious food choices.

  • Ability to season to taste, create heart-healthy recipes and manage dietary restrictions
  • Quickly and easily prepare vegetables for lunch or snacks
  • Expand consumers’ range of vegetables purchased and served
  • Superior taste and texture that is never mushy (like frozen vegetables)
  • Delicious option the whole family can enjoy, from kids to grandparents

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