MYLAR® H2OEX biaxially-oriented film

Patented MYLAR® H2OEX biaxially-oriented film is designed to extend the shelf life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables.

R & D, H20EX, Produce, Harvest Fresh

  • High water vapor transmission rate compared to standard biaxially-oriented PET film (up to six times greater)
  • Optimal management of water atmosphere within packaging
  • Ability to reduce mold and product weight loss*

*Based on preliminary studies with certain fresh-cut produce.

  • Mylar® H2OEX is designed for shelf life extension of fresh cut fruits and vegetables
  • Patented bi-axially oriented polyester film with a high water vapor transmission rate
    • Standard BOPET: WVTR = 20 g/square meter
    • Mylar® H2OEX: WVTR = 120 g/square meter
    • Mylar® H2OEX used in fresh cut produce packaging can be designed to optimally manage the water atmosphere within the package
  • Preliminary studies have demonstrated certain fresh cut produce packaged in Mylar® H2OEX can have a dramatic increase in shelf life
    • Reduction of the onset of mold
    • Decrease in weight loss of the produce