Eco Lidding MYLAR®

Harvest Fresh Eco lidding is an environmentally friendly solution that creates a large impact on your packaging life cycle.

This film is designed with 50% post-consumer recyclable material, which greatly reduces your environmental footprint. Using Eco Mylar® lidding does not affect the quality of your product. The mechanical, thermal, optical, and organoleptic properties are still statistically equivalent to standard Mylar® lidding.

  • Utilizing rPET flake sourced from EU deposit return streams
  • LuxCR™ de-polymerization process affords highest purity PCR with broadest regulatory compliance
  • Significant reduction in oligomer content vs. mechanical recycling process – especially cyclic Oligomers and Gels
  • Every pound of Mylar® PCR keeps approximately 18 PET bottles out of landfill
  • For every 1 lb of rPET resin we reduce CO2 generation by 1.5lbs
  • MYLAR® PET film strive to provides the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, process water usage, and total energy usage of all plastics, including bio-based and compostable films

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