DuPont Teijin Films™ is excited to introduce the MYLAR® Harvest Fresh line of convenience packaging for fresh-cut produce.

Combining our chemistry formulation expertise with unique technology, our team is able to develop a wide range of tailored sealant solutions and can even produce very thin sealant coatings for an affordable package reduction over laminate structures.

Lidding Innovation at its Finest

  • Flat Heat Seal Curves
  • Shred resistant
  • Customizable and consistent seal / peel quality
  • Excellent hot tack
  • Good burst strength
  • Superior anti-fog properties
  • Low seal initiation temperature
  • Clarity
  • Printable
  • Lay flat
  • Effortless die cutting
  • Superior strength for skeleton wind
  • Optimized perforation
  • High-yield solution vs. laminate structures
  • Improved sustainability vs. clamshell design

Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding films are specially designed for fresh cut produce sealant lidding. With superior clarity and anti-fog properties these films provide unmatched shelf appeal.

Produce, Harvest Fresh

Mylar® HF43AF provides strong, tamper evident seals to pulp fiber trays. Shred resistant one piece removal offers consumers the ultimate in convenience.

Mylar® HF01AP has a surface pretreatment for improved ink adhesion and lamination bond strength. Easy peel opening, customized seal / peel strength and shred resistant one piece removal offers consumers the ultimate in convenience.

To ensure the highest level of food safety Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding films offer broad FDA and EU regulatory compliance. Strong seals offer tamper evidence. High yield mono web film offer low area cost as well as sustainability through package reduction. DuPont Teijin Films commitment to sustainability is evident by offering Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding with up to 30% Post Consumer Recycle content.

Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding films offer superior mechanical properties, such as stiffness and lay flat, provide exceptional machine efficiencies. High tear resistance eliminates skeleton wind-up breaks. Excellent hot tack provides strong seals even when product is mounded and may also provide increased productivity. Thermal distortion in package is eliminated with the use of Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding. Mylar® Harvest Fresh lidding can be perforated easily and more precisely then laminates providing optimal respiration of fresh cut produce for extended shelf life.