Mylar® and Melinex® PET Polyester Films for Construction and Industrial Applications

Because they are versatile, durable and deliver consistently outstanding performance, our Mylar® and Melinex® PET polyester films are the substrates of choice for fiberglass-reinforced plastic, applied window films, insulation facing, and many more construction and industrial applications.


DuPont Teijin Films has a range of polyester films with:

  • Thicknesses from one to several hundred microns
  • Visual appearance from optically clear to opaque
  • Plain and pretreated surfaces giving a variety of effects such as adhesion and printablity

have resulted in their use in many industrial applications. These may exploit one or more of the inherent properties of polyester such as:

  • Thermal stability
  • Chemical stability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Solvent resistance
  • High mechanical strength and flex resistance
  • Tear resistance