In today’s competitive environment, converters everywhere need the performance and productivity offered by a better-running film.


Medical Label, Medical, LabelsMelinex® label films, with their superior tensile strength and thermal stability, simply run better and faster in most equipment than alternative substrates. They also offer direct from the factory pretreated or coextruded surfaces for improved adhesion of silicones and inks. Put simply, Melinex® offers the best choice to meet your needs, whether you’re running a UV, rotogravure, flexographic or lamination process.

Release Liner

Mylar® release films, with their superior tensile strength, offer an advantage over paper liners on high speed label lines where tear outs cause productivity losses.

The Right White for Labels

Our white, opaque Melinex® label films are globally known for their rugged durability, brilliance and gloss. With built-in whiteness that is consistent from roll to roll and label to label, Melinex® white provides exceptional contrast between the printed image and background. Melinex® white film ensures excellent first-read rates and fewer scanning errors when used in bar code applications. With superior tensile and tear strength to alternative substrates, such as paper, plus heat, water and solvent resistance, Melinex® white films offer the durability and visual appeal needed to meet a broad range of general label applications.

Adhesion – Getting inks and silicones to adhere to labels can be a challenge, but DuPont Teijin Films offers more coatings and coextruded surfaces than any other films manufacturer to meet your adhesion needs. No matter what kind of label you’re running, whether flexo, laser, thermal transfer or UV cured, we’ve got the ideal surface to match your process and optimize your print adhesion.

Clarity – If you’re looking for a super-clear film, you’ll find that nothing compares to our “450” series Melinex® films, which set the industry standard. From that “mirror-like” metallized finish to the see-through “invisibility” for a protective overlamination, DuPont Teijin Films offers you the brightest, clearest polyester films available, which can be pretreated to accept numerous coatings, inks and adhesives.

Dimensional stability – Our Melinex® films have been heat stabilized and “relaxed” to remove any tendency toward shrinkage, curl or distortion, which makes them ideal for label applications requiring precise registration and dimensional control. As with all Melinex® films, they are available in a variety of gauges and printing surfaces.

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