Melinex® Polyester Films for Identity Cards

Global threats to national security, tighter border controls and the need to identify people in a wide range of situations makes secure ID documents increasingly important.


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Using Melinex® polyester films for ID cards provides security and extended life time; that’s why over 300 million ID cards issued each year use Melinex®polyester films from DuPont Teijin Films.



Laser Engravable Melinex® ID Cards

  • Overlay allows laser personalization
  • CORE1 gives significantly increased toughness and durability compared with PVC or PETG solution
  • Less expensive than polycarbonate solutions

Melinex® Films for Campus Card

  • Simple structure
  • Increased mechanical and thermal performance vs standard PVC cards
  • Printing on PVC
  • 40% Melinex® / 60% PVC is the industry standard and preferred composition for campus cards
  • RFID, Chip, Dual Interface, Blanks
  • Superior durability, passes laundry test, excellent temperature and solvent resistance

Campus Cards, CardsXavier Study of 9000 cards tested in a Campus environment concluded that cards using Melinex® PET were the most durable.

 For Government Card Issuers

DuPont Teijin Films Melinex® allows you to minimize your risk and deliver success by choosing a World Class supplier.

  • Melinex® products have protected citizens around the world for over a decade
  • Local technical support is available to assist you with your application
  • Our Cards Centre of Excellence in the UK provides state-of-the-art technical support
  • Networking and collaboration with card manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in the marketplace globally

For Card Manufacturers

Melinex® offers a choice based on design, cost and performance.

  • Choice of CORE film types and thicknesses to suit individual project designs and card structures
  • Durability of 5-10 years provided by exceptional mechanical performance ( ISO test data available upon request)
  • Color dye diffusion thermal transfer overlays
  • Laser engravable overlays


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