Why choose Melinex® PETF?

Melinex® Polyester Film has a long history of providing custom designed films for use in the cards market. With outstanding thermal properties and controlled profile consistency, Melinex® films are the ultimate material for a multitude of card applications.

What is Melinex® PETF?

  • PVC, PETG and PC are all amorphous polymer materials which means their structure is made up of polymer chains which have no specific structure
  • Melinex® is sometimes referred to as PET or PETF. It is a biaxially oriented crystalline material with polymer chains locked together in a specific lattice structure. This means it is a much higher performing material than PETG. The structure gives it enhanced durability and excellent temperature resistance
    PVC   PETG   PETF   PC
  Durability   X   X   XXX   XX
  Temperature Resistance   X   X   XXX   XXX
  Environmental credentials   X   XXX   XXX   X
  Surface Resistance   X   XX   XXX   X
  Ease of Use   XXX   XX   XX   X
  Cost Effectiveness   XXX   XX   XX   X

Technical Benefits of Cards made with Melinex®

  • Flex Resistance
    • ISO Flex Test uses repeated flexions of card to simulate day to day use
    • Appearance of card monitored through cycles to check for cracks and card failures
    • PETF showed no failures at the end of the test, other cards failed in the region of implant module
  • Solvent Resistance
    • Melinex® has excellent resistance to embrittlement and premature failure caused by plasticisers found in wallets
    • Test method involves adding a small droplet of DOP to the card surface and placing it in a static stress fixture
    • Test measures hours before card fracture occurs (Test methods: INCITS322 & ISO24789-2)
  • Temperature ResistanceTemperature Resistance
    • Melinex® PETF provides excellent performance at elevated temperatures due to the crystallisation process(230ºC for extended period)during manufacturing
    • Melinex® PETF offers superior thermal stability compared to both PETG and PVC
    • PETF is used extensively in flexible electronics applications (continuous use -70ºC – 130ºC)

Melinex® and the Environment

  • PETF is the most widely recycled polymer in the world
  • PETF substrates can be produced with post consumer polymer made recycled bottles
  • PETF can be produced from raw materials derived from plant materials
  • The manufacture of PETF does not include the use of controversial chemicals such as BisPhenol A
  • PETF is widely used in food packaging applications

Suitable Uses:

  • Driver’s license
  • Identity Cards
  • Financial Cards
  • Campus Cards
  • Government/Health
  • Transportation
  • Access Control
  • Phone/Loyalty/Gift Cards
  • Blank Cards

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