MYLAR® BAKE Ovenable Pouch Patented rollstock thermoforming film for high temperature cook in applications.

 Bake, Cook, Bags

MYLAR® BAKE for Food Safety

  • FDA, EU and CFIA compliant for high temperature cooking up to 425 F
  • Isolation for Gluten Free
  • Self Venting Feature
  • Do not have to slit package
  • Allows for browning & crisping
  • Cool to the Touch out of the oven
  • Easy Peel lid out of the oven for simple product removal
  • Vacuum packaging reduces freezer burn and oxidative rancidity

Can Mylar® BAKE Eliminate expensive baking pans?

  • Packaging is molded into desired specifications and shapes
  • Cooking in the package from frozen or thawed eliminates the need for baker’s sprays and parchment paper
  • No additional pans, parchment, non-stick baking mats or silicone bakeware
  • No cleanup necessary

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