Cook In Bags

In many cases the packaging is recognized only by its final role, as a food delivery system, but the combination of packaging materials found around food in particular, can add value throughout the supply chain if carefully selected and designed.

In food packaging, the combination of materials used to create a package delivers containment and protection. In addition, materials in the overall packaging structure can have a role in preserving the food, in enhancing the cooking process, and most noticeably can be used to carry many different forms of information.

Bakery, Bake, ThermoformingPackaging design structure can be used to enhance the cooking process.


  • Pack self-vents in microwave to allow steam release
  • Excellent seal integrity
  • Exceptional barrier properties for extended shelf life

Convenience and Safety:

  • From the refrigerator or freezer to the oven – no prep required
  • Eliminates the need to handle raw meats
  • Prevents contamination of countertop, cooking surfaces, etc.
  • Cool to the Touch out of the oven
  • Easy Peel lid out of the oven for simple product removal
  • Vacuum packaging reduces freezer burn and oxidative rancidity
  • Minimal to no clean up required
  • Mylar® is FDA, EU, CFIA compliant for direct food contact for high temperature cooking applications up to 425F
  • Sealant capping web will self vent during cook cycle for safe steam release: do not have to slit package

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