What can MYLAR® BAKE Do For You?

Enhance flavor profile

  • Closed environment encourages topical flavorings to permeate throughout baked goods
  • Cook from frozen raw vs. frozen pre-cooked for “right off the bakery line quality”
  • Final baked product is crispy and crunchy every time

Increase shelf life

  • Vacuum packaging eliminates freezer burn and flavor scalping
  • Increases operational yield in restaurants and industrial kitchens
  • Moisture retention eliminates “shrinkage” of retail goods off the shelf due to spoilage

Eliminate need for expensive baking pans

  • Packaging is molded into desired specifications and shapes
  • Cooking in the package from frozen or thawed eliminates the need for baker’s sprays and parchment paper
  • No additional pans, parchment, non-stick baking mats or silicone bakeware
  • No cleanup necessary.

Reduce fat, sugar and flavoring percentages

  • High moisture cooking environment achieves moist flaky layers
  • Increased moisture allows for less use of fats and sugars
  • Eliminates need for excess fat additions due to non-stick function

Lower cost of ingredients and formulations

  • Elimination of additional fats
  • Less flavoring is required to achieve the same flavor profile
  • High moisture retention reduces staling

Allow clean labels

  • Products use less dough conditioners due to increased moisture
  • Baking at high temperature allows for natural browning and reduced use of crisping or browning agents
  • Steam functions as a leavening agent in the enclosed baking environment for shorter rise time

Provide appropriate isolation for gluten-free

  • Baked goods are isolated within baking equipment
  • Sandwiches can be baked away from gluten products because of film barrier