Welcome to DuPont Teijin Films

The Brands the World Trusts for Performance and Quality

DuPont Teijin Films is the world’s leading differentiated producer of PET and PEN polyester films and is able to meet the global and regional needs of those customers that value innovative and high quality films. DuPont Teijin Films is a 50:50 global joint venture between DuPont and Teijin. Only DuPont Teijin Films manufactures Mylar® brand, Melinex® brand, and Kaladex® brand films.

For innovation, performance, quality and value, the brands of DuPont Teijin Films are the industry standard and the world’s first choice. Our brands comprise the broadest portfolio of any supplier in the industry, and have earned the trust of customers and consumers across the globe.

  • For more than 50 years, Mylar® polyester films have been prized for their range of performance capabilities
  • Melinex® polyester films are used in hundreds of products that touch our lives every day
  • Kaladex® PEN films are designed to withstand extreme heat, harsh chemicals and rigorous processing

Our Partnership Begins Here

Welcome to the world of DuPont Teijin Films, global leader in the production of polyester films. Since its development by DuPont in 1952, polyester film has become part of our lives. We have built on this heritage through research, expertise—and true collaboration with our customers. Here you’ll learn how, through this spirit of teamwork, we’ve pushed the boundaries of science and helped our partners achieve remarkable success.