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Photovoltaics Thin Film Substrates

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Teonex®, Melilnex® & Melinex® ST polyester films

DuPont Teijin Films , the world’s leading supplier of polyester films offers PV module manufacturers a number of films for deposition substrate, front sheet and back sheet applications used in rigid and flexible thin film modules.

These films offer excellent dielectric strength, reflectance plus cut and tear resistance. DTF can further enhance the films’ properties with coatings, additives and process conditions to improve the ‘weatherability’ and adhesion performance of these films.

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Teonex® PEN polyester films offer higher temperature resistance and improved barrier properties compared to standard polyester films.

Melinex® ST polyester films are off-line heat stabilized to improve the dimensional stability of the film and allow for better performance in high temperature processes.