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Liquid Packaging

Coffee liquid packaging

The challenges that are faced when containing liquids are another area where the Mylar® polyester films from DuPont Teijin Films deliver.

In many cases, in addition to the containment of a liquid the packaging structure also need to offer gas barrier protection to deliver the required shelf-life across a range of sector areas. Depending on the specific needs of the application, DuPont Teijin Films have developed a range of options.

  • Use of their own coated Mylar® polyester films
  • Use of options that brings the technology of different layers of polyester films with complementary functionalities together in a laminate structure, the lamination process primarily being completed by our converter customers.
  • Combining the strengths of Mylar® polyester films with other packaging materials such as PE etc
Hair product packaging and wine packaging

What ever your liquid containment needs you can be sure that in talking to DuPont Teijin Films you are able to link in to over 50 years of polyester film experience.

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