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Fresh Foods

The majority of 'Fresh Foods' will be found in the chilled cabinets or fruit and vegetable sections of the food retailers.

DuPont Teijin Films have developed a range of MylarŪ polyester films which are designed to:

Partbaked Bread

Provide a barrier capability that 'manages' movement of gases such as Oxygen Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen, all of which are important in ensuing that products made available to the consumer are as 'Fresh' as possible.

The Barrier range delivers:

  • Increased shelf life and freshness through advanced barrier technology
  • A comprehensive range of gas and aroma barriers to suit various product needs
  • PVdC and Chlorine - free high barrier options
  • Peace of mind during conversion, packing and throughout the distribution chain.

Barrier Toolbox Delivers:

  • Extend shelf life
  • Ensure ‘Table Fresh’ Taste
  • Clear protection
  • Excellent moisture and gas barriers
  • Opportunity for high quality graphics
  • High barrier, metallised options
Cheese slices and ham in a tray
Fresh Jerky and Tagliatelli in bag

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