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Sandwich packaging

Although eating habits vary widely across the world many of us will have been in a situation where we need something quick and easy to eat while travelling. In addition in some countries the growing habit of eating lunch at the desk and having lunch on the run, means that this sector is growing in importance for food retailers.

There are a number of food packaging solutions used in this sector that rely on the technology and functionality of MylarŪ polyester films from DuPont Teijin Films.

Pack Specification can be complex

This sector supports a wide range of 'meal' options which means various different packaging requirements are needed. This has meant that there is an even greater need for close working relationships between machinery manufacturers, gas suppliers, tray producers, films manufacturers and converters, food producers, packers and retailers.

DuPont Teijin Films recognises that it is only by strengthening these relationships that the supply chain can deliver finished packages that do their job - which is to ensure that the freshness of food is not compromised, the convenience and delivery of food-on-the-go is enhanced, and the overall look of the items remains engaging, whichever delivery system has been selected.

Chilled fruit and sandwiches
Chilled salad and susceptor packaging

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