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Motor Films

Our range of Melinex®, Mylar® PET and Teonex® polyester films are designed to meet the rigorous challenges of today's motors substrates needs:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Resists chemical attack
  • Good thermal endurance
  • Compliance to material standards and specification
  • Good Balance Of Mechanical Properties
  • A strong, tough material which is suitable for mechanical forming and allows easy roll to roll lamination
  • Good Thermal Endurance
  • suitable for motors operating at elevated temperatures
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • breakdown voltage of 19kV at a thickness of 250 micron for Mylar® A, MO
  • breakdown voltage of 23kV at a thickness of 250 micron for Melinex® 226 and 238.
  • Resistant Against Chemical Attack
  • from solvents and resins commonly used in the production of electrical laminates
  • Underwriter Laboratories Recognition
  • QMFZ2-E93687 (Mylar®& Melinex®) QMFZ2-E206562 (Teonex®)
  • Compliance to International Materials Standards and Specifications
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