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Transit, Phone, Loyalty, and Gift Cards

DuPont Teijin Films offers a wide range of polyester films to meet your specific design requirements. From white to clear, from highly durable to lower cost, you'll find the films you need. Look over the breadth of our offering and contact us to discuss your application.

Some of the benefits our Melinex® polyester film offers include:

  • hides scratch-off PIN numbers due to high film opacity
  • film profile consistency allows advanced security layered holograms to be used
  • high quality print image for impact branding
  • pretreated grades can be printed using uv offset inks or screen inks and plain films can be corona treated
  • strong images can be designed and produced due to the brilliant white, high gloss, flat surface which ensure superb color saturation and definition
  • enables sufficient security for high denomination cards
  • single layer card constructions
  • magnetic stripes, signature panels and hologram panels can be applied

In addition Melinex® polyester films ensure that your cards

  • are tearproof and crack resistant
  • will not stretch or deform
  • are waterproof
  • are stable and inert to many chemicals

Melinex® offers choice based on design, cost, and performance.

  • Choice of CORE film types and thicknesses to suit individual project designs and card structures (Contact us to request Melinex® Solutions Guide)
  • Durability of 5-10 years provided by the exceptional mechanical performance of CORE films
  • Color dye diffusion thermal transfer overlays
  • Laser Engravable overlays

DuPont Teijin Films and Melinex® polyester films can help you minimize your risk and deliver success

  • Melinex® products have been part of cards around the world for decades
  • Local technical support is available to assist you with your application
  • Our Cards Centre of Excellence in the UK provides state-of-the-art technical support

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