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Identity Cards

Melinex® High Strength polyester film - A unique product you can identify with.

DuPont Teijin Films offers an exclusive range of polyester films designed specifically for the cards market under the brand name of Melinex®, including high strength CORE films and a new secure overlay PROTECT range.

Identity Cards

Melinex® is the Secure Choice for 20% of the World's Population

Our track record in the identity market includes Government National ID in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. (references are available on request)

Identity Cards must have an average lifetime of 5-10 Years

  • Melinex® CORE is a unique patented toughened plastic film with excellent mechanical properties
  • Melinex® CORE does not crack, break or snap and withstands the rigors of use
  • Melinex® has excellent solvent resistance to protect against forgers
  • Melinex® provides solutions for Contact, Contactless, Magnetic Stripe and Photo technologies

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Visual inspection is always the first level of security and emphasizes the need to reduce the risk of fraudulent mis-use

  • Lamination strength of the card body is created exclusively from the properties of Melinex®
  • No use of offline adhesives that could be weak points
  • Tamper-evident clear overlay films that cannot be reprinted with fraudulent photo identification

For Card Manufacturers

Melinex® offers a choice based on design, cost and performance

  • Choice of CORE film types and thicknesses to suit individual project designs and card structures (Contact us to request a Melinex® Solutions Guide)
  • Durability of 5-10 years provided by exceptional mechanical performance (Contact us to request ISO test data)
  • Color dye diffusion thermal transfer overlays
  • Laser engravable overlays

For Government Card Issuers

DuPont Teijin Films Melinex® allows you to minimize your risk and deliver success by choosing a World Class supplier

  • Melinex® products have protected citizens around the world for over a decade
  • Local technical support is available to assist you with your application
  • Our Cards Centre of Excellence in the UK provides state-of-the-art technical support
  • Networking and collaboration with card manufacturers and equipment manufacturers in the marketplace globally

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