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Medical Test Strips

Polyester film offers unique benefits when used as the substrate for medical test strips:

  • Inert and plasticiser free: no migration of species to the surface over time.
  • High stiffness: thinner films retain rigidity when inserted into reading devices.
  • Dimensionally stable to changes in humidity.
Medical test strip
  • Dimensionally stable to changes in temperature, which can be further improved by subsequent annealing: retain tight registration during strip printing.
  • Tight caliper control: reliable insertion into reading devices.
  • On some grades, the film surface can be modified to improve ink adhesion or to make the surface hydrophilic.

DuPont Teijin Films offers a wide range of Melinex®, Mylar® and films which are suitable for medical test strips. These include:

  • Brilliant white with high opacity, translucent white, matte and glossy clear films
  • Low shrinkage and ultra-low shrinkage films
  • Films which are uncoated, primed for adhesion of dielectric ink, or gelatin-coated for hydrophilicity