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Flexible Circuits

DuPont Teijin Films manufactures a range of PET and PEN polyester films that are ideally suited for use in flexible circuitry applications, whether Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC) or Flat Flexible Cable (FFC):

  • For use in copper laminates and adhesive overlays
  • For applications including automobile systems such as dashboards and flat wiring solutions, heating systems, appliances, RFID tags and labels, smart card lead frames and antennae and many others

Mylar® and Melinex® PET polyester films offer significant advantages to manufacturers and users of flexible circuitry:

  • Reliable and trusted performance proven over many years
  • Robust solutions for a wide range of applications
  • The ability to manufacture laminates without curl
  • A range of dimensional stabilities tailored to your application needs

For more demanding circuitry applications our range of high performance Teonex® PEN polyester films offer:

  • Resistance to selected soldering conditions for surface mount applications and attachment of connectors
  • Superb hydrolysis resistance for use in applications where Automotive Flexible Circuitsthe circuit may get wet, for example automotive door wiring
  • Enhanced temperature stability giving greater options for extending flat wiring into automotive engine compartments and similar applications
  • Greater dimensional stability and higher barrier properties for cutting edge flexible electronics applications
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