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Choosing the right film for your display components has never been easier. Melinex®, Mylar® have joined with TeijinŽ Tetoron® and Teonex® , so that DuPontTeijin Film's expanded family of polyester films are able to offer you the widest variety and best performing polyester (PET) and polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) films for display applications.


Polyester Film is the optimal choice for Touch Screens, Light Collimated Films, Holographic Reflector Films, Polarizing Films, Diffusing Films, EMI Shielding Films, and Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Scratch and Hard-coated Films. It is strong and flexible, resistant to heat, abrasion, chemicals and moisture. It has a smooth, clean surface, which is ideal for ITO sputtering or other optical coatings. It is available in thermally stabilized grades to offer superior registration and flatness. It is the material of choice for display applications requiring precise registration and dimensional control.

For those special situations where applications will be exposed to extreme heat and harsh chemicals, or when exceptional barrier performance is required, we offer Teonex® PEN film. Teonex® is a high performance extension to the existing range of Melinex® and Mylar® polyester film products that bridges the gap between the price and performance of polyester and polyimide films.