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Mylar® PET polyester film and Teonex® PEN polyester film represent a broad and comprehensive product range of thin films, especially designed for the use as capacitor dielectric. They offer an excellent balance between their electrical and physical properties and they are used in various film capacitor manufacturing technologies.

  • Stacked and wound capacitor production
  • Metallized film and film/foil construction
  • Chip type for surface mounting technology
Components and Surface Mounts

Mylar® PET polyester film can be crafted to be even thinner than 1 micron, boosting the capacitance per volume of miniaturized film capacitors. Teonex® PEN polyester film is especially suited for demanding higher operating temperatures. To the manufacturers of film capacitors, Mylar® PET polyester film and Teonex® PEN polyester film offer significant advantages:

  • high capacitance density with ultra-thin films
  • film surface topographies tailored to capacitor manufacturing processes
  • distinct levels of heat stability, designed for specific application requirements
  • excellent product uniformity by simultaneous biaxial film stretching technology

Compared to standard PET film, Teonex® PEN polyester film offers an increased performance for very demanding capacitor applications:

  • excellent temperature resistance under critical soldering conditions
  • high thermal resistance for increased service temperatures
  • superior hydrolytic resistance and higher mechanical strength

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